Food Yogi Certification Level One

With the purchase of this course, you will be helping to feed a child. This, thanks to the OM GUARANTEE™ certification by The freedOM kindly ecosystem.

Food Yogi Certification Level 1

COURSE DESCRIPTION This lecture series was created by Paul Rodney Turner in Australia and it outlines the fundamentals of what FOOD YOGA is and what it means to be a food yogi. This is a pre-requisite course for the Level 2 Food Yogi Certification. CERTIFICATION After completing this course and correctly answering a list of questions and presenting a brief summary of your understanding of food yoga, you will be awarded a level 1 Food Yogi Certification that you can print and display in your office, as well as a digital certificate that you can display on your personal website. LEARNING OUTCOMES Almost 3 hours of content Free raw vegan recipes Packed with supporting data and research. Suitable for beginners to advanced yogis and chefs. Short quizzes at the end of lesson 1.


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